Self-evaluation tool for the assessment of students’ soft skills and soft skills 2.0


Screenshot of self assessment tool

This self-assessment is the first step in the eLene4work learning pathway.

The purpose is to help learners identify their soft skills and digital soft skills, set their own learning agenda by identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, and decide whether they want to build on these strengths and/or fill the gaps in their soft skills profile.

The main target are the students prior to entering the job market/young workers.

  • After rating their own level of soft skills via a declarative questionnaire, they can also decide which ones are important for them.
  • They can then set their own learning agenda by analysing the results of the questionnaire. The system generates a PDF file at the end of this process that helps to keep trace of this initial self-assessment in later stages.
  • Once the learner have decided which soft skills he/she wants to work on, he/she can use the Orientation Guide to select MOOCs or other learning solutions, and then the P. Journal.

Language: EN (Finnish under preparation)

Use the Self-Assessment Tool

Coordinating partner organisation: University of Helsinki